My Health for Life program – Is a lifestyle program to help you reduce your risks of developing a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. This program helps you to understand and reduce your risk factors that lead to chronic health conditions. Learn about healthy eating, moving more, reducing weight, cope with stress and safe alcohol consumption. This program is funded by the Queensland Government and is FREE to people who are at risk of developing a chronic health condition. Call 0421933459 for more information about dates and times of the groups.

Diabetes Program– Is a program to help you understand the causes of type 2 diabetes, learn how to better manage your blood sugar levels and prevent any long-term complication of diabetes. The program helps you to improve your living and coping skills for you make lasting lifestyle changes for better health. Call o421933459 for more information about the dates and times.

Weight loss Program – Is aimed at anyone who has tried to lose weight, succeeded and then put it all back on. Sound familiar! Most weight loss programs are effective at getting the weight off but unfortunately not so good at keeping it off. Our program will help you to understand why you regain weight and help you to develop strategies to break the cycle and prevent further weight.