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Weight Concerns Program

We have included everything you need to know about controlling your weight. The information is provided in small manageable topics, so it’s easy to understand, and you can start putting it into practice as you go. This program runs over 12 weeks with bi-weekly sessions in supportive groups of 4-8 people. The duration of each session is 1.5 hours. Each session comprises two elements, an education component and a skills development component.

Our program aims to help you feel more positive about weight reduction as you increase your self-confidence and get the supports you need. As you gain more knowledge and skills about food, nutrition and lifestyle behaviours weight reduction becomes easier to manage. New knowledge, skills, and gain awareness of the supports you require will promote sustained weight maintenance.

Session 1 Nutrition assessment and dietary plan

  • Nutrition Assessment includes identifying your current concerns; diet history, including food preferences; relevant medical history; height and weight and waist measurements; lifestyle balance; and digestive function.
  • Complete an eating behaviour assessment questionnaire to identify the dominant eating behaviours.
  • Set up a food diary app to monitor food and nutrient intakes, and to increase your awareness of the nutritional content of your favourite foods.
    Session 2 Nutrition coaching and food diary app
  • Nutrition coaching, on how to plan and set personal health goals; and to understand the behaviour change process.
  • Provide a nutrition meal plan with your estimated requirements for nutrients (energy, carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre and fluids), to meet your nutritional needs and goals; and provide recommendations for behaviour changes.
  • Learn how to use a food diary app.

Session 3 Nutrition education – protein, fats and probiotics

  • Nutrition education – Protein, optimum intakes and distribution between meals to improve and maintain muscle mass, prevent muscle wasting that occurs as a side effect of weight loss.
  • Fats, Omega-3 fats, and other types of fats (the good and bad), estimating and balancing intakes.
  • Learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for fats and proteins.
  • Provide information about probiotics options to support weight reduction
  • Analysis of your food diary and make recommendations based on these results.

Session 4 Nutrition education – carbs, fibre and glycaemic index

  • Nutrition education – carbohydrates foods, glycaemic index and fibre – soluble, insoluble and resistant starch, estimating intakes
  • Learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for carbohydrates, fibre; and
  • Discuss other nutrients that can affect weight control
  • We analyse the food diary and make recommendations based on these results

Session 5 Nutrition education – meal planning 1

  • Nutrition education – introduction to meal planning, serves vs portions, nutrient distribution throughout the day; plating meals and portion control.
  • Learn how to measure and understand a nutrition a panel on food labels of ready meals and snacks.
  • Recipes and modification to meet requirements.

Session 6 Nutrition education – meal planning 2

  • Review meals plans made by participants
  • Develop a new meal plan
  • Weight maintenance strategies
  • Program evaluation and celebration

Please see the events page for dates and times of new groups.  

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