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Weight Concerns Program

This Non-diet approach for weight concerns is uniquely suited to people with concerns about weight and shape and who continue to have repeated attempts at weight loss and dietary restriction. If you have had enough of dieting and regaining weight, this program is for you. The non-diet approach is a coaching programme based on a foundation of self-compassion. At the core is kindness, mindfulness and shared humanity.

This program can rebuild eating confidence which is often lost when there have been many attempts at dieting and restricting foods. We address misconceptions about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, and about fatness and its consequences to health. This program aims to normalise unhelpful eating behaviours, to increase your awareness of the detrimental impact that dieting has on your self-confidence, body image and overall health.

The program consists of five topics over 20 weeks. Each topic is presented over two attendance sessions. Each session is 11/2 -hours and occurs on a bi-weekly basis.

Session 1 & 2 – Accept and Embrace Body cues

We assist you in developing hunger/fullness awareness. Hunger and fullness feel different for each person, and knowledge of hunger can bring awareness and explain some of your eating behaviours. Learn to build trust, listen and act on body cues without emotion. Develop skills in mindful eating by eating with non-judgmental multi-sense awareness; gratitude and appreciation.

Session 3 & 4 – Accept And Embrace All Foods

We examine diet myths by looking at how we use food to mask other feelings and solve different problems. We normalise eating to be flexible, enjoyable, and satisfying. We explore thinking of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food and its impact on eating behaviours. We look at strategies for dealing with foods that beckon, these ‘buzz’ foods that demand attention.

Session 5 & 6 – Accept And Embrace Body Shape

We acknowledge diversity and review BMI and discuss the natural range of body shape and weight diversity. People of all shapes and weight suffer from the same diseases. We move away from bodyweight goals and focus on health goals. Embrace your current shape and dress with pride and your style. We look at your exposure to diet culture and select positive exposure to body shape and size.

Sessions 7 & 8 – Accept And Embrace Joyful Movement

We take a light, playful approach and explore enjoyable movement, where movement is separated from weight control. The emphasis is on finding feelings of pleasure and enjoyment from body movement.

Sessions 9 & 10 – Accept And Embrace Non-Diet Nutrition

We encourage variety and explore how food variety and dietary quality independently reduce health risks. We explore taste and satisfaction and self-care through meal planning and mindful meals. We encourage you to try new recipes and discuss experiences focusing on tasing and sensory experiences.
Session 10 also includes evaluation, completion certificates and a celebration of your achievements.

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