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Weight Concerns program

We have three different program options for people who are concerned about body weight; the Weight Gain Program, Weight Reduction Program and the Non-Diet Approach for weight concerns. The programs are all provided from our beautiful COVID safe, spacious rooms located at 25 King Street, in the revitalised exhibition precinct. An accredited Dietitian, Nutritionist, provides all programs.

Our Programs

Weight Gain Program

Weight Gain Program - $200 (Group)

$340 (Individual)

8-week individual or group program and is suited to people who have unintended weight loss due to high levels of physical activity, increased metabolism, the ageing process, illness or poor appetites. This program is suited to people who need nutrition support to maintain a healthy weight. This program is available to both groups and individuals. See pricing and read more here.

Weight Reduction Program

Weight Reduction Program - $450

12-week program suited to people who have gained extra weight due to an event or one-off situation. Accidents, injuries, an illness that result in a decrease of physical activity can lead to weight gain as does pregnancy and changes in employment with reduced levels of physical activity. 

non-diet approach

Non-Diet Approach Program - $595

20-week program and is designed for people who have had repeated attempts at dieting and restricted eating for more than two years, and who demonstrate unhelpful eating behaviours, negative body image and low levels of intuitive eating. If you have had enough of dieting this program is for you. 

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