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Session 1 Initial Nutrition Assessment and Dietary Plan (60 minutes)

  • Nutrition Assessment includes identifying your current concerns; diet history, including food preferences; relevant medical history; height and weight and waist measurements; lifestyle balance; and digestive function.
  • A nutrition plan includes your estimated requirements for nutrients (energy, carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre and fluids), to meet your nutritional needs and goals; and recommendations for any lifestyle changes that will improve diabetes.

Session 2 Review Nutrition education – Carbohydrates (45minutes)

  • Nutrition education – carbohydrate foods, grams vs serve vs portions; and learn how to measure amounts eaten, and your daily distribution; and portion control; and understand a nutrition panel on food labels for carbohydrates.

Session 3 Review Nutrition Education – Fibre and Glycaemic Index (45 minutes)

  • Nutrition education – glycaemic index and fibre – soluble, insoluble and resistant starch; estimating intakes; and learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for fibre.

Session 4 Review Nutrition education – Omega-3 fats and fatty acids (45 minutes)

  • Nutrition education – Omega-3 fats, and other types of fats (the good and bad); estimating and balancing intakes; and learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for fats.

Session 5 Review Nutrition Education – Protein (45 minutes)

  • Nutrition education – Protein, optimum intakes and distribution between meals to improve and maintain muscle mass, and prevent muscle wasting, that occurs as a side effect, of weight loss and ageing and inactivity; and learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for protein.

All sessions are by appointment and scheduled in advance at the time of the initial nutrition assessment. The time between each appointment is fortnightly or monthly, depending on each client’s schedules and preferences.


Most Private Health Funds provide dietitian rebates on individual consultations. The rebate amount will depend on your level of cover and the provider. Please contact your health fund to see what rebate you will be entitled Dietitian consultations.
Medicare Rebates of $53.80 may be available to eligible clients with a referral for Allied health services under a GP management plan. Check your eligibility with your doctor. We have HICAPS to facilitate rebates from Medicare referrals and Private Health insurance providers as required.

Additional services are available at additional costs (can be added at any time)

  • Additional nutrition counselling session $60-$90
  • Meal plan for one week $70, with recipes and shopping list $120
  • Meal plan for two weeks $120, with recipes and shopping list $150
  • Weekly revision of your own meal plans $20
  • Supermarket guided shopping experience (45 Minutes) $70
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