Wellness Nutrition Solutions

8 Week
Diabetes Group


Initial Assessment – with an Exercise Physiologist (60 minutes)

  • Initial individual consultation to collect baseline data and measurements and get to know you. Initial Assessment includes your current concerns, relevant medical history; height and weight and waist measurements; current fitness level—this must be completed before group session start.

Week 1 Nutrition education – Diabetes, lifestyle and food choices (60 minutes)

  • We explore the causes/drivers of diabetes concerning lifestyle factors and diet, including food choices, physical activity, stress, sleep, and genetics.
  • Learn about your requirements for energy, protein, fats, and carbohydrates, other nutrients that impact diabetes.
  • Foods with carbohydrate – grams vs serve vs portions.

Week 2 Physical Activity (60 minutes)

  • Small group session with Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
  • Education on the different types of exercise, how they can be incorporated into your lifestyle and how exercise impacts your diabetes.
  • Learning the basics and developing strong foundation movement patterns.

Week 3 Review Nutrition Education – Fibre and Glycaemic Index (60 minutes)

  • Glycaemic index and fibre – soluble, insoluble and resistant starch; estimating intakes; and learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for fibre.
  • Carbohydrates – learn how to measure amounts eaten and your daily distribution, and to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for carbohydrates.

Week 4 Physical Activity (60 minutes)

  • You participate in a small group exercise session with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
  • Learn several home exercise programs that you can do in your own time.

Week 5 Review Nutrition education – Proteins and Fats, Omega-3 fats (60 minutes)

  • Omega-3 fats, and other types of fats (the good and bad); estimating and balancing intakes, and learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for fats.
  • Protein, optimum intakes and distribution between meals to improve and maintain muscle mass, and prevent muscle wasting that occurs as a side effect, of weight loss and ageing and inactivity; and learn how to understand a nutrition panel on food labels for protein.

Week 6 Physical Activity (60 minutes)

  • You participate in a small group exercise session with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
  • Small group strength training session.

Week 7 Practical Review Carbohydrates and coping skills (60 minutes)

  • Meal plating and portion control for carbohydrates, protein and fats;
  • Stress, sleep and their effects on glucose levels and diabetes control.

Week 8 Final assessment and measurements (60 minutes)

  • Final assessment and measurements – Exercise Physiologist
  • Where to next? Are there other supports you need? Tracking, monitoring and continued support – Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist.

What do you get for your investment?

To feel more positive and live your best life

Reduced pain and discomfort, need fewer medications, and have fewer associated side effects.

Save money from the medications, medical treatments and costs associated with diabetes. The average annual costs per person with type 2 diabetes is $4000, and this can rise to $9600 in people with vascular complications.

You gain control of your health, not have your health condition in control of you.

Decrease personal and external judgments and your feeling of uncertainty and fear of the future.

Feel more comfortable within yourself. Be seen for who you are, not your health condition.

Group Sessions are held weekly. Please check the events calendar for new group dates and times here.

Rebates and Claims

A Medicare rebate of $206.60 ($17.20 per group session and $69.00 for the initial Assessment) is available to eligible clients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and with a referral for Allied Health Group Services under a new or existing GP Management Plan. Check with your doctor to see if you are eligible. Download the referral form here. If you are claiming the Medicare rebate, your gap payment of $193.40 is due upon enrolment. The Medicare rebates will be claimed at the time of service for the initial consultation and with each group session by the health practitioner delivering the session. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please talk to us about other flexible arrangements.

Ongoing Exercise Physiology and group classes with Science Of Fitness

  • An individual session with an EP – Bulk billed if referred on a TCA. Alternatively, sessions starting at $55.00/30-minutes. Private health rebates are available.
  • Additional group sessions ranging from $8-25/ per session. Affordable membership options are available with unlimited class access.
  • Additional Home Exercise Programs starting at $20.00 each

Ongoing nutritional education and counselling with a Dietitian from Wellness Nutrition Solutions

  • Additional nutrition counselling session for other lifestyle concerns $60-$90.
  • Meal plan for one week $70, with recipes and meal plans $120
  • Meal plan for two weeks $120, with recipes and meal plans $150
  • Weekly revision of your meal plans $20
  • Supermarket guided shopping experience (45 Minutes) $70
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