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We know how overwhelming it is to receive a diabetes diagnosis, and it can take time to work out what to do. Evidence shows that the sooner you can make the correct dietary and lifestyle changes, the more likely you are to control your diabetes without needing medications, or at least minimal medications.

Our Programs

8 Week Diabetes Group Challenge

8 Week Diabetes Group Challenge - $400

With a Medicare referral, your gap payment is $193.40
We have included everything you need to know about diet and lifestyle, so you can understand diabetes and take control of your health. We deliver the information in small manageable topics, so it’s easy to understand, and you can start putting it into practice as you go. You will gain new knowledge and practical skills with the hands-on components in a fun, supportive environment.

What if you were diagnosed with diabetes a while ago? The diabetes group Challenge can refresh your knowledge, and keep you up to date, and cover anything you may have missed. The group atmosphere is supportive and will keep you motivated and add some accountability.

Diabetes Essentials program

Diabetes Essentials Program - $480

The Essentials program includes all the nutrition basics for improving diabetes control. The program consists of five sessions. Included is a nutrition assessment, to understand where you are now with diabetes compared to where you want to be. A nutrition plan will outline the steps you need to take to meet your health goals. Nutrition education topics include energy balance for your needs and the optimum ratio of energy from protein, fats, and carbohydrates for optimum health. You will become the expert on fibre, fats and omega-3 fats; and carbohydrates and the glycaemic index.

Diabetes Plus Program

Diabetes Plus Program - $630

The Plus program includes everything in the Diabetes Essentials program, plus added nutrition coaching and counselling sessions. These coaching and counselling session are used to set personal health goals and to develop behaviour changes strategies. Also included is a shared real-time food diary to monitor dietary intakes and to provide ongoing feedback and support.

Diabetes Premium program

Diabetes Premium Program - $990

The Premium program is for people who want to change several lifestyle behaviours. The Premium program has ten sessions and includes everything in the Essentials and the Plus packages. You also have five additional nutrition coaching and counselling sessions and more ongoing personal support from your dietitian.

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