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Do you have concerns about your weight?

Research shows to have success with weight reduction; you must understand and address the reasons for your weight gain. When deciding on a weight loss program, it is vital to consider the amount of weight you have to lose; your weight history (any weight cycling, dieting); your current health conditions; mobility and physical fitness. The first step is to understand why and how you put the weight on. Once you have a better understanding of the reason for your weight gain, you can then decide if it’s actual weight loss that you need to address.

Weight reduction can vary from being relatively easy for some people to being very complicated and confusing for others, which explains why over 80 % of dieters regain lost weight within 1-2 years. Success happens when you can remodel your lifestyle behaviours over time to address the real concerns and not substituting weight loss to fix other matters.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight to solve another health concerns such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure you will have more success if you focus on improving cholesterol and blood pressure rather than weight. To improve your self-esteem, concentrate on lifting your self-esteem, not on reducing your weight to improve self-esteem. When you try to lose weight to solve some other concern, you are not addressing the real issue, which is why the weight often returns.

The traditional approach to weight concerns

The traditional approach for weight loss involves an energy-reduced eating plan, nutrition education and coaching and counselling for lifestyle and behaviour modifications.  The conventional method is best suited to people who have gained weight due to an event, such as a decrease in physical activity, an injury or weight gained from pregnancy. However, this approach is not successful in the long term for people with a history of dieting and weight cycling or problematic eating behaviours.

Non-Diet approach for weight concerns

When weight gain occurs, and there is a history of dieting or more problematic eating behaviours, the non-diet approach may be a better option.  When you have struggled with weight concern for a long time, you need to take a more in-depth look at the reasons for your weight gain. An assessment to identify the reasons for your weight gain can determine the best strategies for you.  It is essential to understand how the excess weight has impacted your relationship with food, your self-esteem, self-efficacy, your body image and the effects of weight stigmatism on your behaviour and health. Strategies that empower and increase your self-confidence are vital for these situations.  Additionally, you may also need to develop skills in mindfulness, intuitive eating and trusting your body’s cues and signals of hunger and fullness along with embracing movement for enjoyment, rather than seeing physical activity as punishment to endure for weight loss.

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